Eric Liu  Taichi Instructor Starting Kungfu at aged 14, Eric has a strong foundation for his excellent state of health. 9 years ago he developed the passion for the traditional Chinese internal Kongfu– Tai Chi and this passion was enough to make him give up his previous job as a translator and instead teach tai qi. Eric Liu was the 2003 Beijing Yang style Tai Chi 40-form Champion, 49-form Wudang Tai Chi Sword second place. In recent years, he has shifted his focus towards the 88-form Yang style Tai Chi. This form of tai chi mainly trains the practioner to relax completely and finally obtain the extreme hardness through the diligent practice. Eric practices tai chi as a way to keep good health and positive mental state which allow practioner to aquire internal energy in short time.

Michelle Gong Taichi instructor   Michelle gong was born in a small village, dreaming to beome a Kongfu master after seeing the Kongfu movie "Shaoling Temple" in early 80s. In 2001,she came to Beijing to train Taichi in the Temple of Heaven. She learnt several styles of Taichi- Chan, Yang, Sun, Wu and won champion of Wu and Yang style Taichi in the later international contests. She traveled to Wudang Mountain to further her study of 36 form of Wudang Taichi in 2010. Now she is following Grand Master Zhang, studying internal Yang style Taichi, which is known as one of the best exercise that helps improve people's general health and fight chronic diseases. 

Yan Liang  Kong Fu instructor born in Beijing in 1961, he is member of China Martial Arts Association. vice chairmen of Beijing Kongfu & Sport Association Chuo Jiao Fan Zi fist research center. He showed great passion toward Chinese Kongfu in his early age and studied Chuo Jiao Fan Zi fist systemetically after Grand master " Mr. Wu Binlou"'s disciple Mr. Li Jincai and enlisted one of his indoor successor. Through years of continuous practice of Kong Fu form, San Shou, theories and weapons, Master Yan Liang has improved himself with all progress not only in martial arts, but also the virtue of self- cultivation, restriction and disciplined as taught and inherited from Kongfu ancestors. He won the high praise and the honorary title " Fantastic Wu mu's art & Unique Jiuzhi 's model" from his teacher.

Wang Tai Feng Shui consultant   Taoist titled Wang Xingjian, from his 13, he followed reputed metaphysical masters in Shangdong province to study "face-reading, Yi Ching, 8 characters fortune telling and Feng Shui practice" and get the real teachings. In later years, he learnt Buddhist dharma from famous grand teacher Zhi Da De and attained spiritual enlightenment in three Gods position. He became one of supreme master Wan Gu's follower in 2013 spring and enlisted his true pass on diciples in autumn the same year. He was honored the title" Yin Jian Tian Zun' and authorized the chief position of Wan Gu sect. In 2015 as requested, he was designated to pass on Wan Gu teaching and decrees such as bionomy, Feng Shui, human health science etc. He tried to incorporate Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity into one and spread it to all, aiming to help people out of difficulties and distress, bring love, happiness and joy back to human world.

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