Tsing Hua University MBA Tai Chi for Health Training Program
  Over the past three days, master Eric was invited by the Tsing Hua University SEM to give a tai chi healthcare training course to the MBA students from BMW headquarters. Liu gave a lecture.. (2016-11-18)
What is Feng Shui?
          Feng Shui is literally Wind Water in Chinese. For a practitioner or enthusiast, there is a lot of significance in the words Wind Water but to uninitiated it doe.. (2016-11-18)
Tai Chi in China Today
          Tai Chi Chuan (Tàijí – 太极 or táijíquán – 太极拳) is a Chinese martial art. A common misconception is that tai c.. (2016-11-18)
Do You Really Know Tai Chi?
When most people hear the word tai chi, they imagine slow and loose movements with a sense of peace and relaxation. You might still remember being amazed by the tai chi performances that to.. (2016-09-23)
Why Tai Chi Become So Popular Today?
When most people think of Tai Chi, they would probably imagine the slow motion, fluid movements and a sense of peace and relaxation. Or maybe you watched the opening ceremonies of the 2008.. (2016-09-23)
How to Get 'Qi' through the Tai Chi Practice?
  Internal qi exists within the human body since birth, however until it is activated and put into use later on in life, it often remains an unexplored hidden potential power. This interna.. (2016-09-23)
Heaven’s Way: Tai Chi in Beijing
In China, the Way (or Tao) is a recurring theme in the core teachings of ancient sages. Laozi’s Tao Te Ching examined the way of being in the universe, while Confucius’s The Analects.. (2016-09-23)

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