Or Fame or Life

Which do you hold more dear?

Or Life or Wealth

To which would you adhere?

Keep Life and lose those others things

Keep them and lose your Life

Which brings sorrow and pain more near... 

                                                               ________ verse 44  [Tao Te Ching ]   

  By the end of Yuan and early Ming Dynasty, the grand Taoist Master Zhang San Feng founded Wudang branch of Tai Chi. Thereafter, “San Feng Tai Chi” was known to all and spread all over China.

  As time went on, Tai Chi became widely recognized as an effective and reasonable exercise for well being. Through continuous practice, the weak grew stronger and  had their life prolonged.

  Founded in 2006, “San Feng Tai Chi Club” (SFTCC) aims to spread Tai Chi Culture as well as traditional Taoist health preservation methods to the whole world with the Taoist principle “Reunion of Human being and surroundings” as its theoretical foundation. We help people to know and explore themselves and enable more and more people to benefit from Tai Chi and to improve their lives.

  In addition to regular Tai Chi training, we specifically designed our Tai Chi experience and culture exchange programs for all Tai Chi enthusiasts.

    Our training Objective: Easy Practice, Better Life!

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