Why Tai Chi Become So Popular Today?

When most people think of Tai Chi, they would probably imagine the slow motion, fluid movements and a sense of peace and relaxation. Or maybe you watched the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics held inBeijingand were amazed by the 2008 practitioner’s perfect Tai Chi performance. Though Tai Chi has been practiced for centuries, it has only recently become popular in the world for its health benefit effect.
 Relief from chronic pain
 Increased energy, stamina and agility
 Relief from depression
 Lowered blood pressure
 Improved balance and flexibility
 Stress relief
 Prevention and rehabilitation of many conditions commonly associated with age
 Sense of mind body connection
Yet often people don't realize that Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that focuses on internal energy. Tai Chi consists of soft, gentle movements combined with natural breathing. Each movement is a self-defense application performed in slow motion. Tai Chi Chuan translates literally to "Supreme Ultimate Fist". The basic principle of Tai Chi for self-defense is '4 ounces defeats 1000 pounds', meaning that a small force properly timed and placed can defeat a much larger force. The object is to displace your attacker's energy through balanced fluid movement. Tai Chi is an internal martial art that does not rely on strength or size, so it appeals to a wide range of people. Correct practice appears effortless though it can generate surprising power that seems in contrast with its gentle movements.

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